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  • 2014-12-13

    Game screenshot Game screenshot

    Semos is decorated for Christmas and everyone is really excited.

    Two years ago, Oh Tannenbaum was the seasonal song, this year, we picked another old German carol:

    Schneeflöckchen, Weißröckchen,
    wann kommst du geschneit?
    Du wohnst in den Wolken,
    dein Weg ist so weit.
    English version:
    Lil' Snowflake, Lil' White Skirt,
    When will you snow?
    You live in the clouds
    Your way is so far.

    Speaking of snowflakes, it's snowing peacefully in Semos for the first time in Stendhal history. But be careful, the weather is not that nice high up in the mountains. Let's hope, Santa won't get caught by surprise.

  • 2014-10-26

    Stendhal 1.15.1 is a server-only security fix. It fixes an issue resulting in multiple corpse from a single creature, if this creature was poisoned by a summon-scroll creature.

    If you are curious about how such a bug happens, have a look at the detailed analysis.

  • 2014-10-05

    Game screenshot Game screenshot

    Yay, it's time to party! Today the yearly celebration of the Mine Town Revival weeks start at the dungeon entrance north of Semos city. We have fun games, food and drinks. The popular Sokoban game and paper chase are back as well.

    Semos is decorated in a mystic theme. But keep your eyes open, there may be real secrets hidden behind the scenes. For example, Ados children are passing cryptic messages forth and back about their observations.

    There are, however, other forces at play, too, pushing hard for more transparency. If your computer is fast enough, that is.

    You can also read the full full change log.

  • 2014-06-02

    Game screenshot Game screenshot

    The librarians have been busy collecting information from all around the world to create an easily accessible encyclopaedia, including entries about creatures and items, quests and achievements, as well as guides about the world and for players. They even created a register of residents.

    But knowledge alone is not wisdom. Those librarians couldn't be that wise without the experience they gained for years. Equally, real warriors need to seek out into the world to become truly effective fighters. Therefore trained warriors with high attack and defense skills but little experience will notice that they are less efficient until they gain some experience. Average players, however, will not be affected by the change.

    If you need a break from studying and training, you can join us in the new garden in Fado city and relax for some time while listening to the calming sound of the city pond.

    You can also read the full full change log.

    Update: We made server-only release of Stendhal 1.14.1, which fixes an issue with the Harvest quest.

  • 2014-02-09

    Game screenshot Game screenshot

    There have been reports that rats are more aggressive towards weak people. Are they just hungry? Or is more going on? There are even rumors that hell itself has been repainted.

    With the angst about unseen forces being active, wizards have worked restlessly to strengthen the defenses. Early results of their work, increased mental abilities of ordinary people: Your intuition of your current position on the world is much clearer now. And Postman will no longer accept message for you from people, who you have mentally blocked.

    We fixed an incompability in the web-based starter, which was introduced by the latest update of Oracle Java.

    You can also read the full full change log.

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